Friday, September 7, 2012

On the road: Day 1 & 2

Stopover in Rolla, MO
Final destination Keller, TX

Driving on day 1 was tiring and rather miserable. I got up early and left later than planned then drove into the storm and out of the storm and into a storm and out of the storm. It's was gray and chilly all day. I was excited when I finally arrived at the Hampton Inn at Rolla (which I highly recommend) around 3:30. Happy to be off the road and to have the evening to myself. They had complimentary pulled pork sandwiches for dinner so I didn't have to go find food. I practiced some guitar, re-packed my pack, practiced some French. It was all very exciting. Then I got really bored. It's boring hanging out at a hotel with a pool by yourself. Day 2 out of Missouri was the complete opposite. It was nice and sunny and driving through the Ozarks was amazingly beautiful. The drive was also much easier. I-44 and US 69 are my best friends. That and cruise control. My iPod on the other hand is my enemy. I can't listen to the 300+ podcasts I downloaded because it will just play one. On repeat. Over. And over. (anyone, help?) I am know holed up for a day of rest with my cousins where there are home decorating shows, stray cats, shopping, travel talk, crazy 60's conversations and about 10 hours of much needed sleep.

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