Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Scourge

I worked on my first feature length film back in October. It was a side/pet project for the director, Richard Friedman. We shot the whole thing in about 10 days, that was 12-14 pages a day. That's really fast. Features usually shoot over a period of months and maybe 3-6 pages a day.  It was going to bed between midnight and 2am and getting up between 4 and 5am. Everyday. Grueling but lots of fun. I learned a lot on set and was working with a great crew of people. The experience has definitely spawned an obsession with film and how it all works and comes together. Richard also teaches a few directing classes at UCLA and he is nice enough to let me sit in on his class this quarter. (I got a B- on my midterm without attending the first half of the term. I pretty proud of myself.) I hope to be working with this team again in the new year.

Below are some of my shots from the set. Most of our filming was done on location in a residential area in a house. You can't tell from these photos but there were 30+ people in there at one time. The story takes place in a a halfway house with variety of ex-con characters: the gangster, the drug dealer, the lifer inmate (think Brooks from Shawshank) and a pedophile (who is the hero). This half way house gets a new resident who at first appears to be a woman. This is a bit of a scandal,  half way houses are single sex only residences, and causes some upheaval and leads to some more criminal activity. I'm trying not to give anything away. The film is currently in post-production and should be done with that the beginning of 2013 and then it will be released in the festival circuit.

this is how we plan scenes.

this tie is made of a ripped skirt and gaff tape


Tranny cake from our leading lady

art department lunch of champions