Monday, September 10, 2012

On the road: day 5

Destination: Mesa, AZ
Detour: The Petrified Forest and The Painted Desert National Park

Today was the day of beautiful landscapes and skies. Holee Cow, as Harry Carray would say. I wish it was easier to take pictures because I really wish I could share the views. Coming down from the mountains out of Payson, AZ there were old pine trees that I think were part of a national forest and the views off the steep twisty turny road were amazing. The mountains looked deep blue against the sky and the cacti looked like lanky cowboys against the setting sun. There were even horses along Bush highway, not fenced in! So so different to be under open sky for the last two days. I can't believe most of my trip is over and my new life will be beginning in just a few days. I'll have to start going to bed at a reasonable hour, like midnight (instead of 9) and getting up at a reasonable hour, like 8 (instead of 5).

Ps. I knew that I would acquire an uneven tan from this trip, favoring my left arm but I didn't think I would have a serious shorts farmer tan and I REALLY didn't think about the fact that I would have a seatbelt tan. Classy.

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